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Tales that are hard to put down.


Angela's Truth - 1st novel in the Truth Series

Angela's Truth

"My God, what have I done? Dear God!" She sat there amongst the crowd for what seemed like hours. She felt they were all looking at her; that the whole world was looking at her - judging her. Tears dripped on the unopened envelope as she thought, “How many lives have I just destroyed with my selfishness? How can I possibly look anyone in the face again?”

Ever since Angela Michaels was a little girl she dreamed of her perfect wedding day. Now, as her marriage to philanthropist, Philip Evans, approaches the one thing she wants more than anything is to have her father walk her down the aisle - whoever he may be.

Angela hires rough and warn ex-police detective turned private investigator, Richard Johnson, to track her father down. When Philip is found murdered, Angela becomes the prime suspect. With the help of veteran police detective, Sam Davidson, Richard works to find the identity of the real killer before it is too late.

As doors once locked shut begin to open, the past rushes forward bringing love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, and murder. The race is on to catch the real killer before everyone Angela knows and loves are killed.

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Truth and Vengeance - 2nd novel in the Truth Series

Truth and Vengeance

Angela Evans, now twenty four, having survived murderous jealousy, has buried herself in running her late husband's business empire. She has made a point of staying away from relationships, that is until she meets self-made billionaire, Connor Shea. As they become close, Angela becomes aware that her mother's business interests may be at risk of take-over by Connor.

As Angela works to help save their companies, the daily news begins to fill with stories of a string of local murders. It is soon learned that Angela herself is on the murder's kill list, but when Angela goes missing, Connor Shea steps in. Utilizing the services of his less than legitimate associates, and against police demands, he tries to find Angela before she becomes the next victim of the crazed killer.

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Deadly Truth - 3rd novel in the Truth Series

Deadly Truth

Bartholomew Prentice, a long time friend of Angela and Connor Shea is arrested for murder. Connor, convinced of his friends innocence, and determined to prove it, enlists the services of less than legitimate associates from his past. In spite of his knowledge of their questionable methods and alliances, Connor wants to trust them. As Connor's investigation heats up, Bart is found professionally murdered in his jail cell, and Bart’s wife is soon found dead in her own bed.

Uncertain as to who he can trust, Connor realizes the situation has gone beyond what the police are capable of handling, and must step onto the wrong side of the law. In doing so, Connor's only choice is to put Angela and their Daughter in harm's way in order to protect them. As time starts to run out, and Connor must take even greater risks in order to find who is responsible before his decisions cost his life and the lives of everyone he cares about.

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Fantasy Novels

The Wilder Doctine - 1st novel in the Wilder Series

The Wilder Doctrine

Zane Wilder hadn’t realize he had been killed when he was defending his girl friend that night in the alley, but he soon learns that death is a far more dangerous place than life. Under the careful and deliberate guidance of a centuries old mystic, Dominus, Zane learns the dangers that exist beyond what life had shown him.

Arriving in Sunnyville, a quaint town on the 33rd parallel and portal for unwelcomed travellers, Zane is forced to put his new doctrine into practice to protect the living from evil arriving from places not of this earth. For Zane, dying was only the beginning.

"Great read. I love your writing style!" - KD
"The writing is strong, and you have a nice eye for character." - Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards

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